Sports Hunt Application & Info

Sports Hunt Theme:

A nice hunt for those among us who like sports!
Create a sports themed item, or an item with sports related textures... Have fun with this theme, that is what sports are all about.. Having fun:D


Sports hunt timeline:

Application deadline: August 6th ( SLurl check will be done after receiving the application)

Sign out: As soon as possible please. It will be send after you have been accepted in the hunt.

Sign check: August 7th

Final Hunt package will be send out: August 8th

Hint & Hunt Pic sent by: August 10th

Hunt items in place: August 11th

1st walkthrough to check ALL stores: August 12th

2nd walkthrough to check the stores that weren't ready: August 13th

Hunt starts: August 15th!

Hunt ends: September 15th



Please create a new NC, copy & paste everything below and rename it 'Sports Hunt - ( Your name ) - ( Your Store ) '  and send it to PickledEgg Resident.



Store name:

2nd contact person ( not required ):


Sim Rating:


What do you sell?:

Did you read the rules and agree with them?

Would you like to be a sponsor (L$100 fee per hunt) ?

Are you part of the Pickled Egg Hunt group? If not, what is the name of the avatar(s) that should receive the group invite?:

- If you did not hear back from me then please give me a poke in IM to ask what is going on because SL tends to eat items! I will always reply back, even if I didn't accept you in the hunt to give you a reason. SL is a hungry monster that eats welcome packs -

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