No White Clothes After Labor Day Hunt! LM's, hints & hunt pics

No White Clothes After Labor Day  Hunt!

 * This hunt starts September 1st *
Scroll down for pics of hunt prizes

1 Nightmare Design
    Ladies:  We all love our gatcha machines.
    Mens:  Is that a cat skeleton?

2. - SKIP -

3. Soul Designs Studio
    You won't need these for winter, unless you live south of the equator.

4. -SKIP-

5. AmAzInNg CrEaTiOnS
    second floor:  woman hint: ....i love short t-hist mesh dress, men gift: people like mesh me no so much i still buy clothes that are not mesh

6. Vips Creations
    Sexy spider woman!

7. Palm Beach ( Manjos )
    it's all colourful where i am.

8. ~XM~ Designs
     I'm just ducky sitting here.

9. Isis Boutique
    Markova wore what? 

10. - SKIP -

11. Goddess Couture
    You Dont know JACK about a SALE

12. BLD
    It's a Petite world, so if your Lucky you might end up with an extra prize.

    **I have three tiki masks **

14. Firelight Creations
    His:  I have a great view from up here.
    Hers: Gatcha!

    Purple is not white!  When you find the purple necklace on display, you will find something purple to wear.

16. D&G Fashions
    No white clothes? hope they don't mean no white FUR too!

    Are you a Princess... or a QUEEN?

18. impose
    Sweety...can i steal your heart?

19. DemotiK
    Black is my color. It gets quite the reception. 

20. PB Designs
    Be Patriotic

21. blah.BLAH.blah
    Is there a special group?

22. -SKIP-

23. Shhh! It's a Secret
    I am not a Pillar that holds up the store I am what you walk on i am on the _______

24. Telsiope's Couture
    Play it again, Sam

25. .BG. Minimarket
    I love discounts

26. NS2C - Now Start 2 Create
    stairs go up and pictures can be taken

27. *Bitsy Boutique*
    "Don't go far, the key is finding someone in customer service!"

28. Nocturnal Couture
    I wish i was Gold Colored.


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